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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm CET

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this is d w news flash from brooklyn tensions brewing in the middle east and the west's identity crisis promised to dominate talks at the munich security conference you're seeing here a live pictures from the german city the world world leaders and heads of state are gathering for the annual meeting set to kick off this hour topping the agenda of the spiraling humanitarian crisis in the syrian war and concerns over waiting not with western influence and world politics stay tuned for our special coverage.
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i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us a long list of conflicts and uncertainty over the west's role in the world those are the top issues at the munich security conference that is kicking off this hour a world leaders top security experts diplomats are all now gathering for the central meeting in southern germany on everyone's mind the big global issues the war in syria where a government offensive and it live has triggered a full blown humanitarian crisis another issue concerns over the shrinking influence of the west in shaping global security it is even spawned a new term west lists next. and we have our chief political editor michelle you look at the munich security conference for us where she is watching in on everything that's happening there for us jaime said and i want to ask you about
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that term west listener what are people there saying about this. well many feel that it is kind of appropriate and that's exactly what the security conference always aims to do is kind of to find a catchy label for what is happening and in recent years with the withdrawal of the united states from key areas including the middle east no longer really wanting to take on the leading role politically but specifically also militarily in several key regions of the world the question over who is the west and what does nato mean in these days is something that has been over arching theme for years here at the munich security conference after all we saw a year where even the french president in manama call is also due to speak is tomorrow referred to nato as being brain dead he's offering european he says not alternatives but complementary options for the europeans to take more charge of
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their own security but you start with the situation in syria and that's certainly what the term west does apply to also depending on what your definition of the west is we've learned that the foreign ministers of russia and turkey who are the key players on the ground right now are due to meet here to talk without the traditional west over what stability there could potentially be on the ground as you've been talking about the traditional west michele that we've been seeing pictures of the german president who's just speaking with the former u.s. secretary of state john kerry certainly the rest between europe and the u.s. will be a big issue that will be a topic of discussion there as well and we are waiting for this conference to kick off shortly with the conference chairman both going a singer who will be delivering a statement and then we'll hear from the german president as well and we're going to be listening in live to both of those statements from both of those leaders but
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what do you think michelle are going to be the biggest issues that will be discussed this week. there in munich. i dare say that john kerry and germany's present funk artist i do you see a lot more eye to eye on that very issue of what the transatlantic relationship should be then the representatives of the trumpet ministration who are here we would expect strong words for them from them once again what their expectations are from key allies here in europe specifically also germany in the past and continuing that's the issue of the defense spending goal but beyond that being gay judgment in iraq which nobody wants to see it destabilized there we saw the press conference already and defense minister. and u.s. secretary of defense mark earlier today who both said that the fight against isis is not over but we also expect the u.s. to once again criticize aloes can see allies considering china
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a chinese company way to actually provide infrastructure digital infrastructure for the future the u.s. has openly threatened in the past that that could mean an end or less security cooperation specifically when it comes to intelligence sharing so that will be a very interesting well every move reading between the lines there are a lot but from germany's president who's also been here in the past also in a different role after all is the former foreign minister here we would once again expect an announcement that germany is willing to take own more responsibility of course with the criticism that's also attached to germany not always living up to that role at the same time we're hearing that we might actually hear him as a bit of a voice of conscience when it comes to what multilateralism what the west what sticking up for the values could mean but that's just
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a couple of minutes away 1st we'll hear from. will once again hold leaders' feet to the fire those many conflicts will be on the agenda. just again for people who are not familiar is the chairman of this mini security conference we've just been seeing there the canadian prime minister justin trudeau who is the speaking with the german foreign minister next to him the german defense minister and it got to come. out as we're waiting for things to get underway there in munich you were just touching upon one of the areas where does seem that there is still a lot of cooperation between the u.s. and germany the ministers from the coalition against islamic state and the german and american defense minister speaking a little bit earlier i think we have a clip of what they had to say we're looking in here and see their speaker of the house there nancy pelosi as you did. and it sounds like we might just be getting underway let's listen in 1st of all though for that press conference from
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a little bit earlier. at the moment iraq faces a troubled and tara no political situation and it was therefore important that we met here today on the eve of the munich security conference to discuss how we want to advance in the fight against. the fact that the coalition continues to grow now 82 members strong demonstrates that we have helped internationalize the response and drive a global consensus behind the lasting and permanent destruction of this terrorist organization coalition members are unanimous in unanimous agreement on the need to remain vigilant against a weakened yet still dangerous adversary. ok so michele listening to those statements there again there seems to be little difference between these 2 countries on the fact that they believe that they need to approach this fight together in fighting islamic state but the question of defense in general if we're to say seeing these pictures of these 2 defense ministers has been a point of contention between the u.s. and europe specifically specifically or the question of nato when how strong this
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institution is i mean what do you think we might see on that front this weekend. but i would expect those representatives in the u.s. who are here is my home page foreign secretary and also mark s. but to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to nato but the question is michel i just going to have to tell you will have to take that in there because it looks like of us going in there chairman of the conference is just starting to get under way there let's listen in. and a very warm welcome all speakers guests of honor panelists participants observers. listen gentlemen in the new york times last year. the 29 security conference was described in that quote as a request for the west. let's face it.
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the world has become a pretty dangerous and often lawless place and the west. appears to be going through some kind of identity crisis it's not just that the world in general is becoming less western. the west itself is becoming less western too that's the phenomenon which our munich security report 2020 labels with this artificial word which we invented west less ness. we've decided to put the west front and center at this year's munich security conference we believe it is important to discuss the foundations of who we are. because this will determine what we can and what we will do together and frankly we're not seeing enough collective action. we're not seeing enough
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collection collective action at all to address the world's most violent crises and most dangerous threats to international peace and security. my good friend david miliband who's been a member of our advisory council has spoken of and i quote the age of impunity. many just don't seem to care or have given up on the idea that they could make a difference but there's genuine people are dying in arms races are heating up and the planet is warming ever more quickly it's not enough for you. the most powerful people in the world to truck your shoulders and say that this is just the way things are no the present state of global insecurity is absolutely unacceptable it is dangerous and it breeds apparently more hate
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and conflict rather than cooperation and peace let me add just a couple of very brief but specific points 1st. have the members of the united nations security council given up trying to enforce the maintenance of peace and security according to the charter i hope not. but the track record is not very encouraging. all of us should actively contribute to reestablishing and strengthening the earth already in credibility of the united nations and of course of the security council in particular. it is the only organ which has the authority to adopt binding decisions a glimmer of hope was created earlier this week. when the security council
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adopted the religion of libya let's pray that everybody will respect these decisions now. in order to help create a little bit of additional momentum we will of ward this year's eve out from kleist award to the united nations tomorrow evening in the presence of all the senior representatives of the un system that are present here today and tomorrow. laudatory remarks will be offered by was of the underline the president in the new president of the commission of the european union this is what we hope to be able to contribute as a small tribute on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the united nations 2nd there is another important anniversary the space it is specially specially for all the germans in this hall. a little later this year
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we will celebrate 30 years of german reunification. on october the 3rd $990.00. the day when unification happened. then president invited sikka demanded that the wall which had divided berlin germany and europe should not now move a 1000 kilometers eastward. half we succeeded. not really. half we've given up trying to create a euro atlantic security architecture which embraces includes all of europe including russia. i hope not even if we have to acknowledge that russia has moved far away from europe even if russia's military activities in
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support of the assad regime for example appear totally inexcusable and even if our believe in a sustainable your atlantic security act architecture has been shattered into a crane and in georgia. but it is our duty as germans i think to keep the door open to keep trying that is the legacy of 1990. 4 us 3rd and lastly climate has become an international high priority issue this is why climate security features prominently and repeatedly on our agenda. the security community embraces climate issues that's good and it's very important. dear friends. dear friends just a few concluding points of of for the for the conduct of this conference our
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founder eva one kleist once said that this conference was conceived not as that this top conference but as a discussion among equals this is the core of what we have tried to call the muni rule. we aspire to be as interactive as possible and we expect from you that you contribute to the open and informal atmosphere that sets us apart whether on or off the stage we expect our speakers to answer questions and deal with the audience at eye level the munich rule is really actually quite simple engage and interact with each other don't try to lecture. and don't try to ignore one another. let me be very clear on one thing.
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the munich security conference. does not take sides. we vigorously defend our reputation as a nonpartizan informal and independent platform we are excited about welcoming senior cabinet members of the trumpet ministration here in munich and i'm grateful. that so many members of the u.s. congress from both sides of the aisle have decided to join us again this year in an election year in america wow. but little children when we also allow an iranian voice here in munich i am deeply convinced if we want diplomacy to work we need to talk to each other listen to each other and not only about each other. if north korea had decided to show up
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here we would have invited them also to explain their position i strongly believe that this has got to be part of the mission and of the purpose of this independent gathering here in munich. finally and in conclusion. some senior members of my generation of this security community fondly remember the cozy days when beer can there was an exclusively western family gathering during the cold war. to these old friends i want to say today the following please enjoy this weekend because it might well be the last time you're going to be invited to the munich security conference. quite frankly we need more young decision makers. we need the next
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generation. i applaud and i welcome the 2020 class of unique young leaders those are the hopes of the people. and of course we also need more women among the security experts. finally let me say thank you to our many partners and sponsors both from the public and private sectors i cannot of course name them here all the full list is in the booklet which you which is distributed i would like to think those in particular will help to set up the munich security foundation a year ago. by the way. if you happen to have a bit of extra money and if you want to join our board of trustees by becoming
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a donor just let me know we'll be working with you diligent. when i think of my team. i would now like to ask bowie's. and where is he. benedict funk or are they both here to join me here for a brief moment. first . i want to introduce a present ambassador boris rubin who is the new vice chairman of the munich security conference and serves as my deputy so to speak he is a career foreign service officer having served as ambassador to saudi arabia and more recently many of my american friends know him well as d.c.m. deputy chief of mission in washington d.c. so welcome boris and 2nd it must many if not all of you have known benedict
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for years he's been the boss of the organizing team and my chief fundraiser for a decade benedict has just recently been promoted he's now this c.e.o. of the munich security conference congratulations but. now if you could please put on your headphones because i will now continue in german. and if you don't have any headphones our team will try to help bring those to you. and. to all citizens. again have to live with restrictions on their inability let me say. thank you very much for your sins patients during this
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conference weekend. we hope you. and citizens of munich can. make use of a lot of the offers that we make available outside of this very well secured conference venue i'm very much impressed how full all of the halls. and venues where both yesterday and today. because ladies and gentlemen their guests. i would now like to know well somebody who has been a guest here on munich for many times already but never in the function he currently holds in that i don't know state of the federal republic of germany that the federal president. the president thank. you for what. we are very happy that you are following our invitation.
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to open this year's munich security conference and the floor is all yours thank you very much if. so i guess that's because. you have had to guess didn't know get us off the munich security conference if they decide i know that well today i know it's not the same as it was in 2000 now let me on namely the big 6 years ago exactly i spoke here in this room. about how german foreign policy response ability to prove it so you just see things that much has changed since then. above all and that's probably the reason why we have this topic of the conference today so we are off the west that was sending a different is something that can no longer be taken for granted this is true both
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within our societies but also in relation to the excess dental issues of foreign and security policy on which this conference i do since all my. guests haven't invited me he had today to weave a few more diplomatic threads i would like to talk about how today's well thought. appears from the german vantage point now i'm no longer a regular guest at your annual meeting people and diplomacy is no longer my bread and butter my to do it so i hope you will not only forgive me for speaking plainly you might actually be expecting me to do so but i'm a town you know newbies and you know essentially this year. commemorating the end 75 years ago was that most destructive of formals a war which germany unleashed and waged particularly in the east as
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a way off and the like and the annihilation of 2 weeks ago yet was sham and then at auschwitz we commemorated the liberation 75 years ago of the most murderous of the consideration counts. towards on the inner and outer face of today's germany would be conceivable go without that war and without auschwitz germany its view. of the world cannot be explained without reference to these experiences i wish i could say that the lessons we germans have learned from history is a lesson that will last forever but i cannot say that and i cannot say that when hatred and hate speech are spreading that's what i said a few days ago and yet. i read. today that the evil spirits of the past are emerging in our country in a new guys as no centric thinking racism anti semitism but
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this is one small starting to poison the public debate. so we in germany but by no means only in germany are called upon once again women are called upon to defend our elementary understanding of the dignity of the individual and to fight for our open societies. because gov and voice and gentleman to i guess there's another anniversary this year another anniversary of 75 years in autumn 75 years ago the constitutive constituent assembly of the knights united nations was held in san francisco and it's the catastrophe of excessive nationalism mine. have lessons to teach not only for my country minds i'm all going to join to other news station of all states to assume responsibility for peace and security. and right then
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a system of your trade and financial support. in the newly established institutions of the bretton woods system i remind you there followed the universal declaration of human rights which imposed time standards of all states also in relation with their own citizens granted standards which were extended over the ensuing decades. to include economic civil and social rights feeling throughout. much of this remained a lofty goal far removed from reality of all of our nonetheless the international order we've built up from that foundation women in his intro in 1975 in the midst of the cold war and with the chart of paris following the end of the call it was 30 years ago all of this offered stability. of orientation right and wrong and hope and what had long been an article assume that of the state it's been my government
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i wish i could say that as an international community to we have learned for ever from history after $945.00 and then after $989.00. and god saw it but unfortunately today we have witnessing an increasingly destructive dynamic in international politics vote. internet's not a. year by year we are moving further and further away from the goal of international cooperation in order to create a more peaceful while the idea of the great power competition. is not only influencing the strategy papers of today you know it is also shaping the reality all across the world. and its tracks can be followed right to the an ending wars with huge loss of life in the middle of the middle east and libya would learn russian. that rightly or wrongly offended and alienated not only the next
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crimea in total disregard of international law it turned military force and the violent redrawing of borders on the european continent into political instruments again the result is uncertainty unpredictability confrontation and lost trust you know. china. i and walked on over. has had an impressive rise and has become an important actor and then to national institutions as well becoming indispensable for the protection of global public goods at the same time it is selective in accepting international law only where it does not want counter to its own interests its actions in the south china sea unsettling the neighbors in the region and its actions against minorities in the country disturb us all. and our closest ally and stop with the united
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states of america under its current administration rejects the very concept of an international community. and. every country it believes should look after itself and put its own interests before well as us as if everyone. thinking of himself meant that everyone is being considerate great again but even at the expense of neighbors and partners that's what it appears likely to be about as it is indeed true that international law primarily protects the small but because the strong do what they can and the we suffer what they must i didn't say that it's the key dieties idea 2000 years ago and. he was looking at the engine very well then you can argue that while slows and world's elphick stream importance to the little man there always murli an option
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for the great. they the great. god that's how it appears like have other ways to survive 500 of the minor damage here but if you look closely that's not entirely true and thinking and acting this way. would be firstly custis back to n.h. in which everyone sought to insure his own security at the expense of others. in this scenario the security of one is the insecurity of the other we fall back into the classic security dilemma that you all know more mistrust more armament less security those are the inevitable results. and possibly even i knew nuclear arms race that will produce not only more weapons but above all more need clear power with all the risks that entails for an already precarious
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nucleus debility government ever getting out of it was going to mention it you know that in addition there are many. regional conflicts that we have to do with which medium sized and small powers believe they can resolve themselves because the large powers don't take the loss of seriously anymore and no longer act as guarantors and guardians of order. about my government but ladies and gentleman against the damage goes much further than that over this withdrawal to concentrate on a narrowly defined national interest prevents us from taking joint action and coming up with convincing ourselves to the issues and problems that no one not even the biggest nation states. could solve alone. this way of thinking is worse than a return to the past. it's worse because it robs us of our future
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in a closely interconnected world it damages the institutions and instruments we absolutely need to tackle the major issues facing money team of issues and. climate change is only one of them but especially when we talk about climate change we see every day that the consequences don't only affect the small states a blinkered a short sighted national view will cost even the biggest of us. all over the world . like we don't know much eldon's and grandchildren and generation will pay a high price for our failure to act and for nations going it alone undermining joint action to combat climate change almost. in the way that is why we must be so worried by a phenomenon that is obvious to everyone in this the 75th anniversary year of the end of the 2nd world war the institutions and of thirty's which are supposed to
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help us to come as our different traditions and interests and to translate them into viable compromises that they these institutions are deliberately being weakened i believe because of the united nations security council for example is deadlocked on central issues agreed and ratified conventions are simply being terminated by the dispute settlement bodies are being paralyzed as no new judges are being appointed in short. the trust. is being put at risk and road it that has taken years and decades to grow. this is not a new way of thinking. it's a relapse into old patterns of thinking. and allow me to say it is extremely dangerous.
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beach boys born both humans and i am well aware that that international community is not something that can be taken for granted. in most instances it is more goal than reality but i remain convinced that the idea often international community is not from yesterday we are the 1st generation to live in an age in which humanity is simply changing the live in the living conditions on the planet with the tsunami at a time like this withdrawing into our national shells leads us into a dead end into a dark age only the concept of a global order. and only this of us the opportunity to formulate perswade save our answers to the challenges of the anthropocene. that ladies and gentleman is
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why we must continue our efforts to create a supranational legal order and it would be dangerous for all of us become small to abandon the some vision or to shrug it off as an idealistic fantasy. madam ladies and gentlemen if you don't believe me and we maybe you believe henry kissinger out on the yard years ago some of the now from me he. said. and i quote of all things today's world needs a concept of order that goes beyond the perspectives and ideals of individual regions and nations. he couldn't put it any better or in more modern times. what modern foreign and security policy is like that's exactly what it's about to go to the big board today many germans.
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international politics fear imitated unsettled and anxious and we like to think that if everyone was just sensible and like us germans then everything would be fine but i know that is overly simplistic and germany too is being tested at this point in time i would like to this year we will be celebrating the thirty's and diversity of reunification. at the time it was an unbelievable and unexpected stroke of good fortune particularly as it was associated with the unification of europe which had been divided by the iron curtain for felix germany had won with the world surrounded by friends secure and the global pax americana that's how it was the problem i know this is the framework that is at risk of crumbling before our very eyes as yet there's
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no indication of what might replace it. but it is clear that the hope that someone else will sort it out for us is a vain one. at least for the full germans for the 1st time in its history or germany is surrounded solely by friends that's true and it is a source of happiness. but happiness can also make one blind in that true sentence dating from the early 1990 s. has occasionally blinded us to the fact that our neighbors see the world differently from us that they are closer to accuse each trouble spots than we are that they feel an existential danger existential danger. we germans may be like others to like to think of ourselves as the best europeans we tell ourselves that we are particularly generous towards our partners and that we do our utmost to take their interests into account we also like to believe that we have. learnt the
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lessons of you in the european history more sorry than everyone else but when we look at the european union today what we see is economic diverging convergence we see. political and increasingly also ideological divides. europe if i see it correctly has not growing closer together. and i guess the responsibility for that doesn't lie only with everyone else so i'd. question that we ask ourselves too is do we really always behave in the way our speeches on europe a community with a common destiny would require. in security and defense policy or in the economic and monetary union in many issues we see ourselves differently from how others see us germany often believes that it is being helpful and demonstrating so
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that our a team while others reproach us for pursuing our narrowly defined national interests this is true of dealing with external threats as well as for issues relating to solidarity and consensus building within our union there's been no into the difference however. it is not only internal differences that are causing difficulties for europe. in the year 2020 unlike before we can no longer assume that the great powers have an interest in seeing successful european integration. on the contrary. if i may say so each of the major players is pursuing its own advantage even at the expense of europe's unity. and that's not a good development i believe. i say this europe must not be allowed to fail because what is germany's national interest today 30 years after the most important goal laid down in the basic law became reality.
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the answer for us germans. can still be found in our constitution and our basic law it says there. to promote world peace as an equal partner in a united europe if it works and. for germany europe is not only nice to have a problem it's not only important when other partnerships wilt it is our strongest our most fundamental national interest. today and tomorrow europe is the indispensable framework for us to assert ourselves in the world. europe is and will remain 70 years on from the end of the war i'm not the only successful response to the challenges posed by our history and geography but if the
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european project fails. the lessons of german and maybe a few appear in history will be tied into question a number of both together. make europe's a vitally important for us only in and through europe was germany able to stop oscillating between rampant power politics and cultural who press. this united europe will only survive. if we regard it as the most concrete repository for german responsibility in the region i say it openly here at this conference which is devoted to security issues i say and is that all the dangers that face germany i see none greater than that our german narrative of the future dispenses with the united europe and whether as a result of a lack of insight because of indifference. or in some people's eyes even
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through intent. the question that you might try to be asking is what are the concert. and how should we approach europe and the world. we need. and that's my advice to us we need to adapt mentally to the new reality to this changing reality to the new reality otherwise we will lose touch with europe. and the us we will also lose our ability to shape events the realistic view of the world i'm calling for does not advocate resignation certainly doesn't advocate cynicism. no. comment realism and curiosity ok surely maybe also a touch of humility. from i would in germany in particular look we believe supposedly with good reason that the post cold war world
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revolved around a european sun you know that the legacy of the group in enlightenment you must necessarily be the focal point for all social development all over the world and that some were just a bit late in getting that money but some of these assumptions and we know that they have proven overly optimistic but they have led us to overestimate ourselves they have led to a stance that too often manifests itself in moral condemnation and a stance in which morally i don't position. i'm more likely to close. rather than open our eyes to the necessity of the actual possibilities of our actions i need be. one important lesson here. lies in realizing that these possibilities are limited but not sinking in to
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dispatch gordon adds with germany and we the west cannot shape the world in our own image. so we must not. overburden our foreign policy with the expectation that it will bring salvation when i talk of your military however i really mean that i really do not mean reluctance to take on responsibility quite the opposite the job of a prudent foreign policy is and must be to prevent warst diffuse conflicts and lessen suffering or through courage and drive its task is also normal to you to see . a normative understanding to safeguard our key life resources but without expecting ever to be able to ensure complete global harmony why did. the 2nd virtue we germans should be discovered as curiosity one would have been a valid one if everyone supposedly is becoming like us or at least once to become
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like us one and then why should we care about their particular qualities their history and traditions their fear and i've had 3 isn't priorities all with me today at a time. when internal and external becoming increasingly blurred in all societies in which domestic debate determines the room for news and foreign policy unusual activity at such a time we must once again we just cover a far greater interest in what drives our partners our competitors our pronouns even. what is the root of them. what are the reasons for their fears it is true countless germans. gauged international cooperation on my many trips i was able to witness an impressive degree of personal commitment to fighting poverty and inequality and to building a better world with a world cup especially this is true this can be observed in the young generation
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and yet what i miss in many of our debates is an openness to the outside a desire to make the effort to understand others. instead of resort to the very human but unrealistic longing for clarity. where have a stroke we tend to replace it with a straightforward friend enemy scheme a black and white others do things differently from us wrongly in other words but i'm certainly not advising naivety conflicts cannot be resolved however if we are not familiar with the other side's perspectives or interests. especially where they run counter to our own ideas of. without such an understanding no new clearly meant can be a negotiated with iran and there will be no peace in eastern ukraine and most of
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you are going to certain you need to shake many hands if you want to make peace in libya not all of these hands are clean you know embargoed beacon from wherever wants to combat terrorism and there's a hell of a region and germany has a few years of experience you cannot reduce that to the question of military yes or no you must fall tackle the complex causes of the conflict on the ground i'm. going to successfully ensure stability that way there can be no conflict resolution or understanding of. otherwise. it's most of the night and with this attitude of realism openness and crew your city about others thinking of germany should face up to the biggest responsibility resting on our country that's going to hold the united europe together the cards. on the london adopted with regard to security policy and i regard our country as
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having a june responsibility for germany the development of an easy youth capable of action and defense policy is as crucial as to expansion of the european pillar of nato. a futurist marius often suggests that germany and needs to choose one or the other of . a good answer to jake that janice i think that would be shortsighted view to put it quite clearly argue with you how if we want to keep this europe together also on security issues then it is not enough to make the european union alone strong in terms of security policy in mind but we must and that's my conviction we must continue to invest in our transatlantic links so i could say it with the words of the french president exactly give me he said. it is not a question of whether we want to defend ourselves with or without washington. and
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europe security is based on a strong alliance with america. you know i'm going with none of that will be many of our central and eastern european partners also wantin you to see that extension of security there and especially there in the transatlantic linac i'm going to be alone with the european union alone. and despite all the progress that it needs making it cannot guarantee the security of its members by itself and to come solely on the e.u. would be to drive a wedge through europe about how and why no one can reverse leaders earlier your other that can and wants to protect itself credibly will be able to keep up with the us in the nic. i feel. that this insight is lacking in some of the debates here in germany but also
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elsewhere in your garden and in that it's part of germany's responsibility to take seriously the worries and interests of the nations of central europe and to attach importance to them and to act accordingly. at the same time and independent of. it and it soon imminent when we don't we see. increasing alienation of russia and europe cannot accept that in the long term we need a different relationship with russia that argues this and does and because that's when the e.u. and russia and between russia and the e.u. . but the necessary consideration of a future relations with russia cannot take place without at the expense of the countries and peoples of central europe and so these considerations need to take time need to take place and that's that's what i'm feeling for. me
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and. europe is already no longer as vital to the us as it used to be we must guard against a division that the united states to anything interest in europe is solely down to the current administration full of even me that it doesn't just justify accusations from me or a good one and we know that this shift began a while ago and it will continue even after this administration and the new center of gravity for american interests like my own and maybe i should say american challenges that. the new center of gravity isn't a new genre can be but the view of the now i've fallen off of the wheel in germany we are at the i hope a new because you want reader for an america that regards european integration as its long did and rightly so as a nick. stream new valuable and especially connective project that's what's important to have evaluated by my own eyes that is also the view i advocate for on
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my trips to the us and in many conversations that i have. what i mean when i meet americans and germany canada and i'm delighted that this year again there is such a strong american delegation here and in your mind all right good luck with the departed this place has always been a place for transatlantic debate. dodgem is mirrored by germany must contribute more to european security including within nato and finance or does well. of them is the alliance has agreed to a joint goal to this and. i believe it is correct and necessary to try to attain this goal but let's be honest. even here in this forum even if every country in europe including germany were to spend far more than 2 percent of its g.d.p. on defense. we would not be able to stop. or fall as we versus the
2:53 pm
version of the international order we have been seeing over the past couple of years. to say it again to avoid misunderstanding i'm not criticizing the benchmark and far from it i'm not criticizing 2 percent i believe it is right but let's make sure we don't make that the be all and end all for peace and security in our future. there follows from them their photos of muddy. every loss of diplomacy on and off essential pillars of our security architecture of the arms control agreements and international agreements and not we cannot compensate that even if. we have all the tanks fighter jets and to be in to mediate range missiles in the wild. we should leave
2:54 pm
these overly simple categories in debates in the recent past behind us government on the contrary be good so if we do not find our way back my way back to a situation where everyone respects international law i know we do not learn again to integrate other security into our own security specialism and if i can and we do not orient foreign policy precisely to that. and then in a few years. and this will be to the detriment of everyone we will have yawned ourselves uploaded to the hail of the names of the by finding and taking and otherwise a powerful or that is our common responsibility. when the. president and as we are seeking a better way one must shy away from that. with
2:55 pm
and however as a result of the postal order the permanent members of the united nations security council share a special provision privilege. special responsibility for happiness sexual its own disarmament even the president my columnist writes in calling with his initiative for their result their action in all of you to meet precisely this response ability again. in this changing world. the this is this is important it's urgent. because the privileges of the p. 5 only justified i know as long as they stand up as preserve us the promoters of a world order that goes beyond their own interests. in life not if they are different in different are hostile to this order. or if they undermine it in pursuing that foreign policy. on the germany's
2:56 pm
responsibility has a different basis. we too however must be measured by that responsibility to lead you but we need alongside improved capabilities is an honest analysis of germany's security situation and a credible desire to help europe to assert to assert its interests. only a european foreign and security policy designed for effective action will allow us to make a few fredricka contribution towards preserving the international order the military instrument is indispensable for our security. but is neither the 1st choice nor the most likely to live a success when it comes to diplomatic and political readiness to act europe must invent its own answer to the huge shift in spheres of power and influence that i described in its own answer to the new political and military heavyweights on the
2:57 pm
international stage. europe must formulate a truly european policy on russia that is not true strictly mary it was a condom a true statement and sanctions it must find its own balance with china finding and liquid librium between increasing interest system competition and unnecessary complication. while also taking the many other strong partisans asia seriously must develop its own initiatives to contain. and end the conflicts on the fringes of our union the east and south is going to be an alderman is dumb are the german government's diplomatic initiative. for a comprehensive effort to push europe's interest in stability sation and libya of course together with and in support of the united nations i believe this is a good example hey i'm not of the sile region and northern africa requires just as
2:58 pm
much as attention. there's an explosive situation around iran in the middle east and that affects europe directly also requires attention i believe that the termination of the j c p o r a j c p a way was a mistake the middle east has become an even more dangerous and definitely not a safer place but we have to deal with the realities and the new realities tell me that it remains to europeans task to introduce new initiatives and courses of action to help prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to ward off a nuclear arms race throughout the region and that's a huge challenge. for european for foreign and security policy there's no doubt about it. but we germans must also the question of how we are going to talk seriously. and in a spirit of confidence with france our closest part now about the european security
2:59 pm
issues. present macaw mentioned important the important security issues also in his important speech at the code again in paris a week ago we should take up his invitation to engage in dialogue but you know however that also means seeing things from francis. perspective and making our own contribution towards developing the joint strategic culture. without which europe will not really work as a security policy act on georgia amusement and message we germans must accept being measured spy whether we are able not only to withstand the tension between germany's growing responsibility and our really realisation of only imitations but to use it for the benefit of europe it isn't it's not a matter of either or intervening or standing back and it is certainly not a matter of engaging in courtesies with others. it is about our informed
3:00 pm
self interest from this device a responsibility not only to say everything we cannot do with reference to the historical roots of our. restrictive export policy and poem entry amin but instead. that women must state more clearly. where and what we can contribute to strengthening the european pillar and security policy on. then and only then will our limitations be understood. this isn't a big announcement and are we really serious about europe then there should be no timid heart beating.


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